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Subverting traditional machine tool processing, Huaya CNC innovation helps "made in China"

on January 9, 2019, the Shenzhen enterprise innovation achievements conference and the 2018 general meeting of Shenzhen Federation of industry, Shenzhen advanced manufacturing Federation, and Shenzhen enterprise brand construction promotion association were held in Shenzhen. Huaya CNC station, an enterprise focusing on innovation and promoting intelligent manufacturing in China, came to the podium. From 2001 to 2018, Huaya CNC launched innovative products every year to promote development with innovation and growth with craftsmanship

Huaya CNC, fully known as Shenzhen Huaya CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., manufactures CNC milling machines, computer gongs, machining centers, and special processing machines for flexible manufacturing. Founded in 2001, Huaya CNC is the only group company in South China that has no rust, burrs, bumps, scratches, and other shortcomings, and has independent research, production, and marketing services for CNC machine tools, and can wholeheartedly build CNC special machines for customers. The company's leading products include dozens of models, such as CNC milling machines, machining centers, high-speed machining centers, high-speed drilling and tapping machines, high-precision profile machining centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, moving beam gantry milling machines, five axis linkage machining machines, etc. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the company has successively invested in the construction of Hunan Yonggao modern equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hunan Senhe Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Hubei Huaxiang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

at present, Huaya CNC has participated in exhibitions at home and abroad for many times, and has exhibited innovative products for many times, reflecting the style of domestic machine tools everywhere. At the Guangdong International Industrial Expo on August 8 and 11, 2019, Huaya CNC will also participate strongly, with an exhibition area of nearly 100 square meters. It will compete with hundreds of domestic and foreign high-quality machine tool brands to discuss the development prospects of China's machine tools and help China's intelligent manufacturing

as the head of an innovative enterprise, chairman Dai Jiandong himself is an innovation expert. He is the first generation of CNC machine tool research and development expert in China. The products he led in the research and development fill a number of national gaps and set high industry standards. He was once rated as the city's advanced scientific and technological worker, and has been committed to research and development for ten years. As a well-known CNC machine tool expert in China, he has led the research and development of more than 180 products, including 43 patents and 18 software copyrights

Mr. Dai Jiandong, chairman of Huaya CNC

at the 2019 Shenzhen enterprise innovation achievements conference, chairman Dai Jiandong won the outstanding entrepreneur Award for innovation contribution and the Shenzhen 100 excellent craftsman award

Dai Jiandong, chairman of Huaya CNC, won the Entrepreneur Award for outstanding innovation contributions

Mr. Dai Jiandong won the award from the representative of Shenzhen 100 excellent craftsmen

it is precisely because of the leader like Dai Jiandong that Huaya CNC has paid great attention to R & D and innovation since its establishment. The founder team of the company is not only the first batch of leaders in the R & D and manufacturing of CNC machine tools in China, but also has a core team focusing on CNC machine tools for 40 years

at the same time, Huaya CNC closely follows the market development needs and national development needs. The products are not only sold at home, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other parts of the world. They are widely used in mold industry, automobile industry, electronic communication industry, precision parts processing and other industries, and provide users with customized special equipment, such as: special machine for powder metallurgy industry, special machine for ceramic industry, special machine for automobile brake pads, special machine for LED lamp holder, etc. Huaya CNC also actively develops high-speed rail projects, ship manufacturing, train components and military equipment research and production in line with the country's development needs. From machine tool castings to machine tool assembly, Huaya CNC always provides customers with practical, economical and durable CNC machine tool products. At present, the partners of Huaya CNC have expanded to the world, including Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens, FANUC, Shanghai Bank, THK, PMI, etc

hot selling product introduction

industry star product pentahedral machining center

product features:

it is composed of horizontal and vertical machining centers, and the parts that need to be processed on five sides can be completed efficiently at one time

a set of numerical control system, which processes two units, is easy to operate and energy-saving

double spindle structure is more convenient for milling, drilling, boring, tapping and other processes of medium-sized objects that need to be processed on five sides

high speed double spindle speed standard configuration 10000rpm/min, optional configuration 15000rpm/min

vertical and horizontal combined structure design, which not only expands the overall layout range of the machine tool, but also saves space

the cooling water pump of high-power machine tool ensures that the cutting has sufficient flushing capacity

fully sealed protective cover ensures no water leakage

equipped with scouring device, convenient for cleaning and cutting

industry application fields:

LED industry application, communication industry application, new energy automobile industry application, automobile manufacturing industry application, medical equipment, aviation industry application, etc.

internal structure characteristics of machine

double tool magazine system

vertical 16 arm clamping tool magazine, horizontal 24 disc tool magazine

structural design of double spindle magazine

Taiwan spindle Japanese servo motor

high precision return turntable

and adjust the pointer

three piece toothed disc segmentation and positioning, with high accuracy and still maintain the original accuracy after long-term use

fuselage structure drawing

+ 2

new product double head horizontal drilling and tapping center yhzc600

double head horizontal drilling and tapping center adopts advanced design concept and strong, tough and exquisite fuselage structure. It has the application of the world's first horizontal drilling and tapping tool library, which greatly improves the horizontal tool change speed. The double head sleeper is equipped with an exchange workbench, which can realize the disassembly and assembly of workpieces while processing, and can process a workpiece at the same time with double spindles, realizing double efficiency and greatly saving processing and clamping time. And the workpiece with coaxiality requirements can be processed with high precision coaxiality. Because the machine tool control system adopts double channels, it can process two parts at the same time in horizontal processing mode to realize drilling, milling, boring, tapping, etc. Double head sleeper is especially suitable for processing parts with high precision and coaxiality requirements, such as communication cavity, auto parts, radiator, etc

great changes in the past 40 years of reform and opening up have changed China and profoundly affected the world. Huaya CNC was born in Shenzhen, the leading city of reform and opening up. The machine tool enterprises in Shenzhen, adhering to the pioneering spirit of the special zone, started from three agricultural machinery plants, from weak foundation to follow-up, and then to lead. Millions of practitioners have the attitude of keeping ingenuity, casting glory, and helping made in China. Many well-known brand enterprises and champion products at home and abroad that are famous all over the country and the world have contributed important mechanical strength to the Shenzhen miracle of reform and opening up

as the mother of industry, machine tool industry is directly related to the level of manufacturing industry. At present, foreign enterprises still occupy the high-end machine tool market, and the international economic war and unstable factors are escalating. To further grow into a manufacturing power, China's machine tool industry will become the top priority of transformation and upgrading

facing the downturn and impact of the machine tool market in recent years, Shenzhen machine tool enterprises, represented by Huaya CNC, actively respond, meet opportunities and challenges, keep pace with the times, constantly develop new products, serve industries such as LED, communication, new energy, machining, schools, military industry, and help the national industry. Craftsman plus innovation subverts the traditional machining mode and helps make in China 2025

at the Guangdong Industrial Expo held at the Guangzhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall on August 8 and 11, 2019, metal cutting machine tools and forming machine tools exhibition gathered hundreds of precision machine tool brands, such as Yamazaki Mazak, hexcon, Haas, Shenyang machine tools, Baojia CNC, Minjia, Lijin, Yugao, Huahui united, special strategy, jieyongda, xingfuxiang, Huaya CNC, Runxing technology, Shuofeng and so on. Jointly explore the road of made in China in the future and contribute to the realization of made in China 2025! Log in to the official of Guangdong Industrial Expo, and you can get the exhibition visit card for free

many domestic and foreign brands of high-quality metal cutting machine tools and metal forming machine tools gathered for exhibition, covering the whole industrial chain of intelligent green manufacturing of metal processing from basic materials, key parts to advanced manufacturing equipment and overall solutions, interpreting the recent products and key technologies in the field of advanced metal processing, highlighting the strategy of intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and serving manufacturing power. Upgrade industrial advantages, integrate future manufacturing, create intelligent value, highlight craftsman brands, promote intelligent manufacturing, and cast the soul of quality

Guangdong Industrial Expo and Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Advanced Manufacturing Expo are beautiful brands of manufacturing industry in South China created under the guidance of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao advanced manufacturing industry alliance and Guangdong Industrial interconnection industry alliance. They will be held in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou Canton Fair on August, 2019. The exhibition is mainly divided into five themes: metal cutting machine tools and forming machine tools exhibition, industrial interconnection exhibition, industrial automation and robotics exhibition, industrial manufacturing elements exhibition, and industrial park project docking exhibition. Comprehensively present the current international leading high-end equipment technology, intelligent manufacturing, industrial interconnection, precision manufacturing and other industries' new technologies, new formats and new models

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