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Stora Enso is optimistic about the North American market.

Helsing Lane recently, stora, one of the world's largest paper and paperboard manufacturers, ranks first in the Nordic paper industry Giaka, CEO of ENSO When meeting with Reuters, hamara was optimistic about the recovery signal of the North American advertising market. He said: "last autumn, paper consumption has increased significantly, and TV advertising has begun to rise before newspaper advertising. But the test of reality lies in the first quarter, because traditionally this quarter is the most silent period."

due to stora Enso's enterprises in the United States were severely hit by the decline in demand in the third quarter, so the company was forced to make up for its losses with a cost of 1.15 billion euros (1.19 billion dollars) in the third quarter. This non cash cost. 2. The wear resistance of materials can be greatly improved through glass fiber reinforced modification; It reflects the depreciation of the assets of the United paper industry based in the United States

Finland Switzerland stora Enso purchased unified paper with us $3.6 billion in 2000. At present, the company plans to take certain measures in time to shut down some outdated American paper machines in the unified paper industry, and upgrade the equipment without increasing production capacity, so as to improve the opportunity to create profits in the world's largest paper market

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