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Stora Enso sells real estate located in Germany

according to the announcement on October 4, 2006, Stora Enso will close the reisholz factory before the end of 2007. The two paper machines in the factory will stop production and be scrapped at the end of the year. Stora Enso has now signed an agreement to sell the real estate of its reisholz factory to slough commercial assets, a wholly-owned subsidiary of segro, a British real estate investment trust. The disposal of assets will increase Stora Enso's operating profit by about 10million euros in the third quarter of 2007. The transaction will be recorded as a positive non recurring item in the results of the third quarter of 2007

according to segro's current plan, the plot will be opened to large packaging logistics users and light industrial users from the content point of view. This will change the land type of the plot used for papermaking

reisholz factory produces improved super calendered paper (SC), with a total annual capacity of 215000 tons

Stora Enso introduction:

Stora Enso is a forestry, paper and packaging integrated company, which mainly produces and tests in large quantities (random sampling of production lines) demand paper, high-grade cultural paper, packaging board and wood products. The group is in a leading position in the world in these fields. The total sales of Stora Enso in 2006 was 146 euros. Review and comment on 4 multi-layer plastic containers for food and beverage on five continents. The Group employs 44000 people in more than 0 countries. Stora Enso has an annual output of 16.5 million tons of paper and paperboard; 7.4 million cubic meters of sawn products, including 3.2 million cubic meters of deep-processing products. Stora Enso shares are listed in Helsinki, Stockholm and New York

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