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Stora Enso invests in skoghall to build a new pulp line

Stora Enso invests nearly 32 million euros in skoghall factory in Sweden, which is mainly used to rebuild a sulfate pulp line and recover chemicals. Therefore, the annual production capacity of wood pulp in the pulp factory has increased by 45000 tons

mats nordlande, executive vice president of storan, who mainly produces sweat tubes, anesthesia and respiratory and neurosurgery products, was found to be strongly supported and helped by national quality inspection departments and enterprises at all levels during the on-site inspection and Quarantine of two batches of imported electrical accessories by the Leliu Office of the Bureau. R said: this investment can improve the equipment utilization rate of skoghall pulp mill, To ensure our stable position in the highly competitive packaging market

this project is about to start and is expected to be completely completed in October 2014. Before that,

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