Troubleshooting of shield wire of the hottest qzk9

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Troubleshooting of qzk920 paper cutter shielding wire

as we all know, the role of shielding wire is to shield interference signals, but in practical work, we often ignore this point and ignore its existence

once, the original input program of a Shanghai made qzk920 paper cutter in our factory was lost, and there was also a discrepancy in the number of cutting knives. The quality requirements of customers for purchasing experimental machines are more and more strict than now. For example, when cutting, it was clearly 12 knives, but the paper cutter stopped cutting only 10 knives. From the perspective of fault phenomenon, we initially thought that there was a problem with the computer program. We deleted all the original programs, reset the memory, and repeated experiments, all of which ended in the failure of the "three-step" production program. Moreover, no problem was found in the inspection of the circuit, and no problem was found after careful analysis of the encoder. I felt helpless for a time. First of all, I chose a full set of production with cables and supporting aluminum alloy connection accessories, and had the ability to provide correct connection technology solutions. Later, I inadvertently saw that the shielding wire from the encoder had been broken. I felt a move in my heart. With a try attitude, I changed into a new shielding wire, started the machine and tried again. The problem was solved

this matter touched me deeply. It was the signal interference caused by the broken shield wire that caused the computer program to have problems. Therefore, do not underestimate the role of shielded wire

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