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Stora Enso ranked among the top three in the selection of "2018 top 100 Chinese printing and packaging enterprises"

on November, 2018, the "2018 national printing managers' annual meeting and 2018 top 100 Chinese printing and packaging enterprises Award Ceremony" jointly hosted by China Association of printing technology and China Academy of Printing Science and technology was held in Xiamen, Lucheng. The selection of the top 100 packaging enterprises has been successfully held for 16 times. The scope of this selection is the printing and packaging enterprises with sales of more than 200million yuan in 2017. Stora Enso is the first to apply for the evaluation. With the outstanding performance of the group in China's packaging field in 2017, it has been awarded the title of "2018 China's top 100 printing and packaging enterprises" by the organizing committee, ranking third in the list. The award is also a recognition of Stora Enso's brand value and business achievements

Zhang Xiaoxiang (second from the left), head of smart packaging in Stora Enso China, attended and received the award

in China, as a leading global renewable materials company from northern Europe, Stora Enso provides paperboard and packaging products and services covering the whole value chain, and a rich domestic and imported product line to provide a wide range of choices for domestic customers. Stora Enso's packaging related business in China includes providing integrated solutions for customers with its packaging in China, and has set up packaging factories, innovation centers and sales offices in Dongguan, Qian'an, Jiashan, Wujin, Beijing, Shanghai and other six places to enable packaging with design. Beihai factory, with an annual capacity of 450000 tons of high-grade packaging paperboard, provides packaging solutions based on renewable materials for food, beverages, dairy products, drugs, cosmetics and other fields, and operates 82590 hectares of forest land in southern Guangxi, including 70000 hectares of Eucalyptus plantation as raw fiber base, with dual certification from FSC Forest Management Committee and cfcctm China Forest Certification Committee

Stora Enso is also constantly exploring and innovating in the field of intelligent packaging. As a guest speaker of the forum "solving environmental problems and achieving green growth", Zhang Xiaoxiang shared with the participants Stora Enso's innovation and practice in the application of environmentally friendly and sustainable smart packaging, including how to help brands improve the logistics efficiency of supply chain management, enhance anti-counterfeiting, reduce packaging, achieve raw material traceability, and the feasibility of dialogue with consumers. He also introduced Stora Enso's new achievement after more than ten years of technological research and development: Eco, an environmentally friendly smart RFID tag technology, which is characterized by the absence of any plastic. "Compared with the packaging of fossil based raw materials, the best contribution of wood-based renewable packaging to the environment if found to be loose lies in the low-carbon environmental protection of products, which is an environmentally friendly material for sustainable development." Zhang Xiaoxiang introduced that Jinan Shijin professional research and development of high-precision microcomputer controlled pressure testing machine, "when renewable packaging is equipped with intelligent wings, for brands and packaging customers, this will not only be a revolutionary and innovative application in the field of new retail, intelligent packaging and IOT, but also highly in line with the national concept of sustainable development."

about Stora Enso

as a part of the bioeconomy, Stora Enso is a leading global supplier of renewable solutions such as packaging, biomaterials, wooden structures and paper. We believe that all products made of fossil materials today can be made of wood in the future. Stora Enso has about 26000 employees in more than 30 countries, with sales of 10billion euros in 2017. Stora Enso shares are listed on the Helsinki and Stockholm stock exchanges

this should also be the core competitiveness of made in China in the world at this stage

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