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I started to use Xiaomi 9se Xiaolong 712 water drop comprehensive screen for a period of time. I felt that I had chosen this Xiaomi 9se Xiaolong 712 water drop comprehensive screen to sweep the air in the oil tank for a long time. Finally, I chose this Xiaomi 9se Xiaolong 712 water drop comprehensive screen. I watched the comments and evaluation of various friends. Finally, I planted this Xiaomi 9se and used it for a period of time. I shared this feeling. I hope it can be used as a reference for later friends to choose:

Xiaomi 9se camera is very powerful, The rear three camera element is high, and the photographing effect is super good. It is suitable for people who love photographing. The processor is still very powerful. There is no problem playing games, and it runs smoothly. It is not afraid of being stuck. Feel good. The screen share is relatively high, and the feel is good. The workmanship is very good. There is no glue overflow due to rush work. It feels good, the screen share is high, and the chin is still quite small. 3. The impact tester can be used with various refractors, reflectors, etc. The Xiaomi 9se configuration is enough for daily use, and it can be brought up when playing games. At present, there is no jam, the glory of the king is still very good, and the loading is very fast. The battery capacity is not very large. It would be better if the battery capacity were larger. The system is very smooth. Personally, I think it's very simple and easy to use. The photography effect is particularly good. The rear three camera and Sony camera are really a powerful combination, with clear imaging, bright colors and good night shooting effect

turn to the latest quotation of, and more users will comment on the advantages and disadvantages of "I hope it can help you choose comparison and reference

price: the appearance of Xiaomi 9se has three colors: magic blue, magic purple and deep space gray. However, users must take out the electronic module before cleaning. The promotional price of e-commerce is ¥ 2299.00 Refer to's latest activity quotation

configuration: Xiaomi 9 se is equipped with a 5.97 inch Samsung AMOLED screen, a 2.5D glass body on the back, and a fifth generation screen fingerprint, accounting for 90.45%. The machine is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 712 processor, with 6GB memory, 48million

advantages and disadvantages evaluation:

advantages: the research of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. on the experimental machine is the most accurate in the market

snapdragon 712, the top midrange processor, equipped with Sony Sanhe (only nova4 next door to imx586, reference price ¥ 3699), plus Samsung Olympic magic screen, standard 6GB memory, which is perfect! The three camera position still conforms to the Fibonacci curve, which is simply not too good for a girl's face control! And the colorful gradient body is so powerful! Screen fingerprint, which is the configuration of the flagship model of the blue-green factory next door. The front and back are Corning orangutan glass. I don't know if it's as hard as my Note7! If it is as hard as Note7, it is to open a walnut artifact! Xiaomi will always handle the details perfectly. With the divine optimization of MIUI, it may be so strong that glory play next door envies! It seems to be standard 18W fast charging

disadvantages: there is no breathing lamp, which is inconvenient to use. The rear camera is really too prominent

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