Trends of the hottest differentiated fiber Market

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Trends of differentiated fiber Market -- Shengze chemical fiber Market (03.17)

business agency, March 18

differentiated cationic silk market is basically stable, with small trading volume. From the price trend, the market prices of fdy50d/24f and dty100d/36f are 12000 yuan/ton and 10600 yuan/ton respectively, which are slightly preferential in the actual transaction. At present, the CDP slice price of the upstream raw material is adjusted, and the market accepts it in six months. In addition, it is sent to the buyout in a short way. Generally, the two ends of the material sample are clamped on two fixtures with a certain distance between them. The transaction price is maintained at about 7800 yuan/ton, while the downstream purchasing power is not large. It is expected that the cationic silk market will remain stable in the future. When adopting such methods, we need to pay attention to the impact of the inertia of moving objects on the experiment. The market of polyester/polyester composite yarn is stable, and the downstream purchase is not large at present. The island composite wire market is stable, and the demand for fdy75d warp knitting is significantly enlarged. Polyester/polyamide composite yarn is weak, and the downstream batch purchasing power is insufficient at present, so the recent polyester/polyamide composite yarn market will still be dominated by weak adjustment

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