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Relevant regulations to be complied with in the design of tea packaging

according to the regulations, the content of the label of quantitatively packaged tea must include 8 items: the specific name of tea, the list of ingredients (only limited to scented tea, health tea and medicinal tea), the net content, the name and address of the processing manufacturer, the production (packaging) date, shelf life or shelf life, quality (quality) grade, product standard number and so on

quantitative packaging tea labels are all difficult to analyze, and the content must be firmly pasted, printed, molded or embossed on the packaging container. It is not allowed to put the packaging label in the transportation packaging box, and let the retail store stick it by itself; It is also not allowed to put part of the temporarily printed tea label (such as the production date) in plastic packaging bags in direct contact with tea. The words used in the label of quantitatively packed tea must be standard Chinese characters; The Chinese phonetic alphabet, minority characters or foreign languages used on the label must be spelled correctly, corresponding to Chinese characters, and shall not be larger than the corresponding Chinese characters. The unit of measurement must be the national legal unit of measurement g or G, kg or kg

the tolerance between the actual net content and the indicated net content of quantitatively packed tea should meet the specified negative deviation and average negative deviation of a single piece, and there should be no lack of scales. For example, according to the national regulations on the measurement and inspection of imported and exported tea, the allowable deviation between the narrow amount of the actual heavy melting range and the indicated weight is: 0.14kg for 10kg bulk tea and 0.25kg for 40kg bulk tea; 0.5g for 100g tea and 2.5G for 500g tea in small packages

for example, although tea has the function of medical care, it is not allowed to publicize curative food, health food, strong food, tonic, nutritious food or other similar words and sentences in the packaging and marking of tea according to the national mandatory standard, which will strive to achieve the sales target of more than 100 million yuan this year; It is not allowed to use the terms of the treatment principle of traditional Chinese medicine based on syndrome differentiation and bring environmental benefits in its packaging label; It is not allowed to crown the name of tea with the name of traditional Chinese medicine, or use the image and name of traditional Chinese medicine to imply the curative effect and health care function

in order to protect the interests of consumers, the label content of quantitatively packaged commercial tea should comply with the relevant provisions of the national mandatory standard gb771894 general standard for food labeling and the quantitative packaging weighing regulations issued by the State Bureau of technical supervision. The packaging label of nutritional health tea should also comply with the provisions of the national mandatory standard gb1034492 "labels of special nutritional foods"; The approval number of health food production shall be obtained as required

with the development of market economy, the competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, while improving the quality of tea products, we should also pay attention to the quality outside the products, so as to make the enterprise stand firm in the fierce market competition and make users have a special preference for its products

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