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Relevant standards for composite flexible packaging

1. National product standard

gb/t10004-1998 cooking resistant composite film, bag

gb/t10005-1998 biaxial tensile polypropylene (BOPP)/low density polyethylene

(LDPE until the sample is damaged) compound film Bag

2. product industry standard

packaging industry

bb/t0003-94 high temperature resistant cooking bag

light industry

qb/1871-93 two-way Stretched Nylon/low density polyethylene (LDPE)

composite film, bag

qb/t219796 composite film for mustard mustard packaging Bags

pharmaceutical industry

environmental protection policies such as the prohibition and restriction of "plastic bags" are no longer necessary

yy 0236-1996 composite film for drug packaging (general rules)

3. Product hygiene standard

gb 9683-1988 hygienic standard for composite food packaging bags

gb 9685-1994 food containers Standard for use of additives for packaging materials

gb 9687-1988 standard for use of polyethylene molded products for food packaging materials

gb 9688-1988 standard for use of polypropylene molded products for food packaging materials

gb 13113-1994 hygienic standard for polyethylene terephthalate molded products for food containers and packaging materials

4. Raw material standard

gb/t4456-1996 polyethylene blown film for packaging

gb/t5663-85 pharmaceutical polychloride Ethylene (PVC) hard film

gb/t10003-1996 general purpose biaxially oriented polypropylene film

gb/t10805-89 rigid PVC film for food packaging

gb/t15266-95 rigid PVC film and film for food packaging

qb 1231-91 polyethylene blown film for liquid packaging

qb/t1125-91 end stretched polyethylene Polypropylene film

qb/t1260-9l soft polyvinyl chloride composite film

qb/t15267-94 calendered polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hard sheet for food packaging Film

qb/t2024-1994 gravure composite plastic thin ink

5. test methods

gb 1037-88 test method for water vapor permeability of plastic films and sheets -- cup test method

gb 1038-70 test method for air permeability of plastic films

gb 2918-92 standard environment for condition adjustment and test of plastic samples

gb 6672-86 determination of thickness of plastic films and sheets -- mechanical measurement method

gb 6673-86 plastic films and sheets Determination of length and width of wood

gb/t6982-1986 test method for moisture permeability of flexible packaging containers

Washington State University (WSU) Announce one of the latest research results developed by the researchers of the University GB 7707-87 gravure decoration printing materials

gb 8808-88 peeling test method of soft composite plastic materials

gb 8809-88 pendulum impact test method of plastic film

gb 13022-91 tensile property test method of plastic film

gb 14937-94 determination method of diaminotoluene in composite food packaging bags

gb/t5009.60-1996 polyethylene for food packaging Analysis method of hygienic standard for polystyrene and polypropylene products

QB/t1130-9l test method for right angle tearing properties of plastics

qb/t2358-1998 test method for heat sealing strength of plastic film packaging bags

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