Reliability growth test II of compressive strength

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The reliability growth test II of the compressive strength of corrugated box after the project reaches the standard

4 the reliability growth model of the compressive strength of corrugated box and the application of

reliability growth model refer to the mathematical description of the reliability change of the product from design, manufacturing, finalization to maturity. It is a drop testing machine: see Figure 1 for the growth of the free fall resistance of the test product at a certain height

it is known that the crushing failure data of universal slotted corrugated boxes with looseness in three layers (type b), five layers (type CB) and seven layers (type ACB) are shown in Table 1

4.1 distribution function test

taking the three-layer (type b) corrugated box as an example, the frequency histogram of the data is obtained through statistical analysis (process omitted), as shown in Figure 2

take F (x) as the ordinate and compressive strength (x) as the abscissa

through the hypothesis test of distribution function (process omitted), it is concluded that the compressive strength of corrugated boxes (random variable) follows the normal distribution "1", and its weighted average (mean) and standard deviation are: =

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