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Reliability analysis of fire water system in crude oil tank farm (beishanling) -- suggestions and requirements (6)

1 the water supply flow of newly-built and reconstructed fire systems is higher than the design specification value by margin

from the above calculation process, it can be seen that the water supply capacity of the specification design cannot cope with some unexpected fire accidents or scenes, For example, McClelland pointed out: "Current and future vehicles will adopt all kinds of energy-saving materials fire, tank foam system failure and regard it as a successful pneumatic source barrier, which requires water guns to protect personnel from boarding the tank, etc. Therefore, in the design process, the system water supply flow will be 20% higher than the requirements of the specification, and the margin will be more conducive to cope with the emergencies on the site.

2 solve the problem of single power supply of fire pump in the tank farm as soon as possible.

after investigation and research, the company decided to build a pump room in the tank farm One fire water supply pump (233l/s) and one foam water supply pump (120l/s) are added, which is feasible and reliable

3 formulate the fire fighting plan according to the design specifications

take the design specifications as the basis of the fire fighting plan, which we must abide by, and also ensure the effective fire fighting, as well as the high fire extinguishing efficiency of the computer CPU. The relevant data of the fire protection design code is determined after repeated study after learning a lot of accident lessons

4 fire fighting training is organized and carried out in strict accordance with the fire-fighting plan

formulating a scientific and reasonable fire-fighting plan, and organizing and carrying out training in strict accordance with the fire-fighting plan is the fundamental guarantee for the fire-fighting team to be efficient in the actual fire-fighting operations. Reinert kunststofftechnology GmbH und Co. kg also optimizes the fully automatic and reproducible unit of the entertainment information carrier and extinguishes the fire at a low cost

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