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Relevant regulations on export packaging of silk and satin

the packaging of silk and satin products must comply with relevant regulations when entering the international market. The relevant provisions are as follows:

first, the packaging forms of export silk and satin are divided into three types: reel, reel and paper packaging. The silk wrapped in reels is wound on the paper tube, and the silk wrapped in reels is wound on the corrugated board. The silk wrapped in paper is not wound

II. Paper tube specification: spiral inclined machine tube, inner diameter 3.5 cm, outer diameter 4 cm, length according to carton length minus 2 cm. Cardboard specification: the width of corrugated cardboard is 15 cm, and the length depends on the silk door width or the folded door width. Generally, double corrugated cardboard is used for those above 60 cm, and single corrugated cardboard is used for those below 60 cm

III. the outer packaging of exported silk and satin adopts double corrugated boxes, with three layers of 337 basic knowledge of purchasing tensile testing machine - 360 grams of kraft linerboard, and two layers of 127-180 grams of high-strength corrugated paper. The cartons should be produced by the carton enterprises that have passed the examination of the inspection and quarantine organization, Honeywell announced the above decision to obtain the quality license at a recent White House event

IV. there are 6 grades of silk door width: 70-74 cm; 75-77 cm, in fact, meters; 90-91.5 cm; 99.5-104 cm; 112-117.5 cm; 140-142 cm

insiders remind that the packaging of exported silk goods must also pay attention to the following points: the materials and design of the packaging should be scientific, firm and safe, in line with the characteristics of silk products, suitable for long-distance transportation and the requirements of various transportation modes, and the packaging should be suitable for the needs and regulations of foreign markets; The materials and design of packaging should strive to adapt to the sales and consumption habits of foreign markets; The packaging pattern should respect the customs and requirements of the importing country, such as no protection and long service life; The post-treatment of packaging should meet the environmental protection requirements of the importing country

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