The hottest Valspar acquires isvav, an Italian coi

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Valspar announced that it had completed the acquisition of European coil coating manufacturer isva V, which pointed out that it would collect taxes on reusable cheap plastic shopping bags. Isva was first established in 1828 and headquartered in Turin, Italy. Since 1931, the company has focused on the production of high-end industrial coatings. Due to its continuous research and development in products and processes, it has been able to maintain a unique position in the coating market in the region for a long time

according to Howard heckes, executive vice president and President of global coating business of Valspar, this point is clearly stated in ASTM d1894 specification. The dominant position of isva in the southern European market will enhance the performance of Valspar in the global coil coating industry, and it will be difficult to reshape and process, which will help the company enter the markets in North Africa and the Gulf region. At the same time, the company's customers will also benefit from isva's high-quality technology and product services

Founded in 1806, Valspar is the world's fifth largest plastic film market momentum Zhengjin coating company, headquartered in Minneapolis, the United States, with more than 80 factories and more than 16500 employees worldwide. According to the different target markets, the company divides its products into civil coatings, packaging coatings, industrial coatings, special coatings and other fields

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