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Valin Xingma natural instigated the light gas heavy truck to rank among the top three in China. In 2015, with the rapid decline of the heavy truck market and the narrowing of the price difference between gas and diesel, the market situation of domestic natural gas heavy truck also turned sharply downward. However, Valin Xingma produced 1651 natural gas heavy trucks in the first November of last year, with a year-on-year growth of 61%, breaking the market competition pattern and successfully ranking among the top three in China

as early as 2005, Valin Xingma developed natural gas heavy truck, which is an early domestic enterprise in the field of new energy heavy sales, and its profit margin increased from 5.2% in 2013 to 6.5% in 2017. With the continuous enhancement of new product development ability, the natural gas heavy truck series of Valin Xingma model has been gradually completed. So far, five product platforms have been formed, including Valin heavy truck, Valin star, xingkaima, Hanma and special vehicle, and each product platform includes natural gas vehicle products. Valin natural gas heavy truck includes compressed natural gas truck (CNG) and liquefied natural gas truck (LNG), and its models include tractor, dump truck, truck, bulk cement truck, concrete mixer truck. 20x and 40x objective lenses can participate in measurement, mining dump truck, etc

in today's increasingly serious haze, the market demand for natural gas heavy trucks is growing. It is understood that for every 100 kilometers, natural gas heavy trucks can save 100 yuan of fuel expenditure compared with diesel vehicles of the same tonnage, bringing obvious economic benefits to users. In addition, the harmful gas emission of natural gas heavy trucks is also lower than that of diesel vehicles. Among them, carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by 90%, hydrocarbon emissions are reduced by 70%, and nitrogen and hydrogen emissions are reduced by 35%. In order to take advantage of the trend, Valin Xingma has increased its research and development efforts by relying on leading new energy vehicle technology and mature matching. Natural gas heavy trucks are emerging one after another, and its products have become the first choice of many domestic logistics companies

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