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Guwang dryer takes root in Xingan County, Jiangxi Province, which is located in the central part of Jiangxi Province. It was once awarded the title of "China's strong rice processing county". The total annual grain output of the county is more than 250million kg. Dozens of grain processing enterprises, large and small, in the County have an annual processing capacity of 2million tons of rice. In the grain dryer Market of Xingan County, the market share of "Guwang" dryer has reached more than 60%, undoubtedly becoming the leader of the industry. The high-efficiency and low-consumption product quality of "Guwang" dryer, coupled with the perfect after-sales service team, is deeply rooted in the grain and oil processing industry in Xingan County, helping Xingan to become the largest grain and oil processing distribution center in East China

Deng Kupi, chairman of Haizhu Rice Industry Co., Ltd. in Xingan County, was only the boss of a small processing plant many years ago. With the east wind of local industrial upgrading, President Deng also expanded his enterprise scale. The following problem is that the improvement of grain processing capacity also puts forward higher requirements for drying machinery. As a leading brand in the industry, "Guwang" dryer has become the second choice of President Deng. He immediately purchased 15 "Guwang" dryers and built a production line with a daily processing capacity of 120 tons of high-quality rice. This scale enables the company to achieve an annual throughput of 80000 tons and an output value of 100 million. Now every few days, Deng's company will transfer a batch of high-quality rice from Anhui, Hubei and other places. Although it is produced at full capacity every day, the product has been in short supply

"Guwang" dryer processes efficiently, ensuring the strong development of Haizhu Rice Industry Co., Ltd., but as an aluminum alloy, it is not only an epitome of the overall rise of the grain processing industry in Xingan County, but also highlights the brand value of "Guwang" dryer. In addition to using domestic advanced drying technology, the products of "Guwang" dryer also provide engineering construction support. The large-scale drying center set up with complete sets of equipment is also the unique "gold lettered signboard" of "Guwang". "Guwang" Drying Center has the characteristics of high automation, large processing capacity, low production cost, high efficiency, professional team and perfect service system to provide users with "one-stop" services of technical consultation, process design, installation and debugging, and technical training. There is only one purpose of careful design, exquisite manufacturing technology, and fine construction, which is to ensure user satisfaction

as an ordinary member of the after-sales team of "Guwang" dryer, Gao Shuang has always firmly believed that users' purchase of "Guwang" dryer is to support the brand, and they should do everything possible to meet the requirements of users. Not long ago, Jiangxi's early rice harvest was in a hurry. Due to the increased business volume, a rice factory in Xingan County bought two new "Guwang" dryers, but the customer only gave two days to install them. In terms of daily installation progress, it takes at least five days to install a dryer by one person, but at that time, there were only two people, Gao Shuang and his partner, and the time was very urgent. For the benefit of users, the after-sales team of "Guwang" dryer gets up before dawn to install the machine, goes to bed late at night, and even tries to shorten the time of eating. In this way, they set a record of installing a dryer in one day. "After the installation, although we are very tired, we feel very successful when we see the user giving us a thumbs up, and we should have a sense of tightness!" Gao Shuang said proudly

before the rush harvest of medium rice in Jiangxi Province, the after-sales team of "Guwang" dryer paid close attention to the installation of equipment

Deng Jusheng, a user in Xingan County, highly recognized the after-sales service of "Guwang" dryer

it is understood that with the rush harvest season of medium and late rice approaching, the "Guwang" dryer is selling well in the main rice producing areas, and users are not only interested in the quality of products, but also the after-sales guarantee of timely installation and good service. "At present, there are many brands in the grain dryer Market. Choosing a big brand is equivalent to choosing security. Guwang is worthy of our trust." Dengjusheng, chairman of Qinlian rice industry in Xingan County, who bought 28 "Guwang" dryers, said

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