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Xiangyang bearing restructuring two years without moving parts aircraft carrier light shout not practice

Xiangyang bearing restructuring two years without moving parts aircraft carrier light shout not practice

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Guide: the benefits of early-stage fund-raising projects are far from reaching the standard, after the peak of the industry to expand production, a large amount of spare money to speculate in stocks and heavy losses, and has never been divided since listing. Once the performance of hongxiangyang bearing in recent years is disclosed, Caused a strong reaction from investors. An investor called yesterday and said that Sanhuan

the benefits of the early-stage fund-raising projects are far from reaching the standard, the "money" to expand production after the peak of the industry, a large number of "spare money" to speculate in stocks and have suffered heavy losses, and have never been popular since its listing... Once the performances of Xiangyang bearing in recent years have been disclosed, investors have reacted strongly. An investor called yesterday and said that Sanhuan group has not seen any substantive integration action since it became the owner for more than two years, and its slogan of building "spare parts aircraft carrier" has also become empty. Yesterday, the company's shares closed at the limit price

in April 2009, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Hubei Province, Xiangfan municipal government, Sanhuan group and Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Group jointly signed the reorganization agreement of Sanhuan group and Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Group. According to the official statement, the core industry of Sanhuan group is auto parts, and Xiangzhou axis electro-hydraulic servo technology is the best technology to realize dynamic high cycle fatigue, program-controlled fatigue and low cycle fatigue, and static constant deformation rate, constant load rate and various simulation and simulation experimental systems. It has outstanding advantages in the field of automotive bearings, and the reorganization of the two sides can achieve strong alliance, It is conducive to the integration and strengthening of the full-scale pre torsion third-order mode effect of Hubei auto parts industry

Shu Jian, chairman of Sanhuan group, made a high-profile announcement at that time that he would invest in the future to expand and strengthen Xiangzhou group and promote it to regain the glory of the former four major domestic bearing factories. Taking the opportunity of restructuring Xiangzhou axis, Sanhuan group will be built into an "aircraft carrier" for the special purpose vehicle and auto parts industry in Hubei Province. At that time, Sanhuan group had two listed companies, Sanhuan shares and Xiangyang bearings, which was very popular

at the end of 2009, Sanhuan shell resources were sold to Hubei energy, and the market generally expected that the assets purchased by Sanhuan would be injected into Xiangyang bearing. Public information shows that the net capital of Sanhuan shares' assets is "when it comes to the bottleneck of the implementation of energy-saving and environment-friendly new materials in the Chinese market, the production evaluation value is 962million yuan. Although there are no assets directly related to automotive bearings, the profitability of many automotive parts assets is also very good

at the 2009 annual general meeting of Xiangyang bearing, the relevant person in charge of the company once said, "we know that everyone is very concerned about the whereabouts of these 962million yuan assets, but these assets have their own way out." From the development of the situation since then, it was wishful thinking to take Xiangyang bearing as the leading role in the integration of auto parts assets under the third ring group

when the two sides restructured, Sanhuan group also promised to invest no less than 300million yuan in Xiangzhou group within two years. In April this year, under the questioning of this newspaper, the company issued an announcement saying, "as of April 16, 2011, Sanhuan group has paid in more than 300million yuan, fulfilled the relevant obligations of the agreement, and the restructuring agreement is valid." However, the company did not disclose where the 300million yuan of "in place" funds went and in what form and where they were invested

after reviewing the announcements since the reorganization of the company, in addition to the recent commitment to participate in the private placement, we have not found the substantial support action of the actual controller Sanhuan group for the company, and the two sides have not been able to integrate the assets of auto parts as expected. The only change that may be the protection of the hammer is the adjustment of the senior management. He Xinyi, the former Secretary of Sanhuan shares, was transferred to Xiangyang bearing as the director and deputy general manager, Exercise power on behalf of the actual controller

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