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Xiangjiang River defense! Sany dump truck team rushed out to defend the Xiangjiang River! Sany dump truck team launched an emergency attack

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since June 23, a large-scale severe rainstorm and flood disaster has occurred in Hunan, and many cities and prefectures in the province have been affected. At 7:00 on July 2, the water level of Changsha station of Xiangjiang River broke through the historical highest water level of 39.18 meters in 1998; From 17:00 on July 2, Changsha launched the highest level emergency response for flood control; At 0:00 on July 3, the water level of Changsha station of Xiangjiang River reached 39.51 meters, and the water level continued to break through the historical extreme within 12 hours

the Xiangjiang River is in emergency, and the maximum load elongation and failure elongation of xingchenger: under the action of tensile stress, try to make the elongation produced under the maximum load or within the gauge length at the time of failure. The girl spontaneously walked on the front line of flood resistance, built a flood wall with sandbags, and built the last line of defense to protect her home. Sany group also took positive action. At the call of the Party committee of Sany group, Sany dump truck team rushed to the battle and fully invested in the flood fighting and rescue

On the afternoon of July 1, Luo Zhicheng, the customer of Sany dump truck and the chairman of Changsha chengqinda muck Transportation Co., Ltd., urgently called several main principals of the company's fleet and asked them to quickly deploy 20 Sany dump trucks to transport sand and gravel for the first line of flood fighting. Although the drivers had gone home on their own holidays due to the suspension of work in rainy days, everyone rushed back to the company for assembly as soon as they received the news. At 5 p.m., the first batch of 17 Sany dump trucks, carrying river sand and boulders, rushed all the way to hanpuwangjiang Road, where piping danger had occurred, and Jinjiang River embankment with poor anti-interference ability

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Sany dump truck fleet will increase to about 20% in 2025. After arriving, 7 trucks of boulders are first poured into the river with piping, and the piping is successfully blocked in just an hour. Then, under the control of the on-site commander, the Sany dump truck team began to transport sand back and forth to build and transport materials for the flood control wall. According to statistics, from the afternoon of July 1 to the early morning of July 3, the Sany dump truck team transported dozens of vehicles of sand and gravel, which made a great contribution to the safety of the Jinjiang River Embankment over the flood peak

"due to the deep ponding in many places we pass by, we drive directly to the ponding of about half a meter. The Sany dump truck runs smoothly in the ponding and has strong power, which ensures our efficiency in flood fighting and rescue and the personal safety of drivers." Team leader Tao Dong affirmed the performance of Sany dump truck in this operation

Sany dump truck in the rescue

it is reported that in the next few days, there may be rainfall in Changsha, and the flood control situation is still very serious. All drivers spontaneously stay in the company on standby, ready to work with Sany dump truck at any time to meet the next wave of flood peak

Xiangjiang River defense

rescue the Miluo River and build a temporary flood control wall

at the same time, in Pingjiang County, which is only more than 100 kilometers away from Changsha, an urban defense war to block the flood of the Miluo River is starting. On July 1, continuous days of rainfall caused the water level of the Miluo River to be urgent, and the scenic belt along the river in the city center was in danger of being flooded by the river at any time. At noon of the same day, Pingjiang Qixing Transportation Co., Ltd. held an emergency shareholders' meeting, and everyone unanimously decided to dispatch 12 Sany dump trucks at their own expense, 12 trucks of sand and gravel, to provide emergency assistance to the accident area

Sany dump truck

at 4 p.m., 12 Sany dump trucks were loaded and drove to the site in heavy rain and wading with ponding; At 5 p.m., the vehicles arrived at the accident area smoothly and began to pack sandbags and stack flood control walls in the torrential rain; At 10 p.m., a 1.5-meter-high temporary flood control wall composed of more than 4000 sandbags was quickly built, blocking the rising river water out of the dam in time! At 8 a.m. the next day, the water level began to drop, and Pingjiang County safely passed the flood peak. In the 20 hours of continuous fighting, the Sany dump truck always maintained a stable and efficient operation, and won the unanimous praise of the people of Pingjiang County...

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rapid and timely action, high-intensity fighting, and strong heart made the people of Pingjiang hold their homes in the most critical hours. The Sany dump truck with excellent performance, It has made important contributions to the victory of flood fighting and rescue

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