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Xiangjiang coating: water-based paint decisively comes to fire prevention

Xiangjiang coating: water-based paint decisively comes to fire prevention

November 19, 2018

recently, Xiangjiang Coating Technology Co., Ltd. officially launched a series of "fire-resistant water paint", which applies the latest water-based technology and belongs to green environmental protection products

this is a series of products that highly combine the advanced technology of Xiangjiang famous paint brands with the current market demand. Through market research and analysis, it is found that the current fire retardant coating market is in the transition stage from growth to maturity. Although the market is still in the rising stage, it is also facing more and more challenges for Chinese coatings

with the improvement of the national awareness of environmental protection, all sectors of society have higher and higher requirements for the environmental protection of fire retardant coatings. The "blue sky defense war" proposed by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China requires that relevant state departments not only improve the fire resistance of buildings, but also emphasize the environmental protection performance of fireproof materials

one of the series reports of Xiangjiang fire retardant coating: fireproof water paint

if the requirement from the regulation is to promote the fire retardant coating market, which provides a historic development opportunity for the late development and catching up of the new material industry in our province, and the external driving force of the rising step, then the primary driving force of the market development lies in the rapid development trend of steel structure buildings. The survey shows that about 90% of the fire-proof coatings on the current market are used for fire protection of steel structures. Under the background that the traditional real estate industry is repeatedly restrained by relevant policies, the exhibition of power generation magnetic exciters for steel structure buildings is driven by policies, and its development speed is significantly higher than the growth rate of real estate investment, thus driving the development of fire-proof coatings for steel structures

from the above analysis, it can be seen that the upcoming new round of fire retardant coating market explosion period will be dominated by environmental friendly fire retardant coatings for steel structures

from the trend of product technology research and development, at present and in the future, intumescent coatings will still be the main development direction. However, this type of fire retardant coating has the difficulties of complex production process, poor water resistance durability and high technical content, which has become the main factor affecting the quality of fire retardant coating products

how to overcome the technical difficulties and realize the environmental protection of fire retardant coatings at the same time? For this reason, Xiangjiang famous coating brand, which has 68 years of development history and has now successfully ranked among the "top 500 Asian brands", gave full play to its own advantages, concentrated on research and development, continued to tackle key technical problems, and finally found a path to the future market - on the premise of ensuring the cost performance of fire retardant coatings, improving the technical content, the core of which is the compounding technology of high-performance flame retardants and the modification of fire-retardant base materials

under the guidance of this path, in view of the problems of instability, easy cracking and easy aging of fire retardant coatings in the current market, Xiangjiang well-known coating brands have launched a series of fire retardant coating products with strong fire resistance, "true fire protection" and high cost performance to the market, and with a high starting point and rapid response attitude, they have joined the "future competition" in the green and environmental protection fire retardant coating market

"our fire-proof coating has a complete variety, wide application fields, and rich product supporting schemes, which can meet the needs of different users.

for Xiangjiang well-known coating brands," fire-proof water paint "is another of the technical R & D strength precipitated in 68 years. It adopts servo machine electric system to drive high-precision lead screw pairs to bloom and bear fruit. For a long time, Xiangjiang coating has always been driven by scientific and technological innovation, established a domestic leading R & D center and quality inspection center, established an industry university research base with Hunan University and other domestic well-known universities, and established a joint product development laboratory with domestic well-known benchmark enterprises in the fields of construction machinery, rail transit, wind power, military industry, etc., creating the market praise of "Xiangjiang paint, reassuring paint"

this time, "fireproof water paint" is the "gift" of the market for Xiangjiang, who adheres to the route of technological innovation, to check whether the items are full name paint brands according to the packing list. At the same time, it is also the "feedback" of the market as a responsible enterprise. "Advanced technology, ingenious manufacturing! Really fireproof, reassuring paint, choose Xiangjiang!"

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