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Xianyang will build a new textile industrial park. The overall demonstration meeting of Xianyang Xinxing Textile Industrial Park hosted by Xianyang Municipal People's government was held a few days ago. Under the auspices of Wang Tiankai, vice president of China Textile Industry Association, 18 experts attended the meeting to demonstrate this project. The experts agreed that the overall planning of Xianyang Xinxing Textile Industrial Park has clear development ideas and goals, and the strategic positioning and selection of key industries are accurate, which are well connected with the overall planning of the city, and fully consider the requirements of the surrounding environment and the intensive utilization of resources and facilities. Zhaoqingming, vice mayor of Xianyang City, and more than 30 heads of relevant government departments and representatives of key textile enterprises attended the meeting

it is reported that according to the requirements of "gathering into the park, forming groups, industrial upgrading, and diversified subjects" determined by Xianyang municipal Party committee and government, Xianyang textile industrial park is positioned as a demonstration base for undertaking industrial transfer and a new industrialization demonstration park area integrating R & D, production, and sales. It will become an important park for the upgrading and development of the textile industry in Shaanxi and Northwest China. The experimental system needs to be strong and durable at the same time, It has become the core area and new urban cluster of Xianyang's westward development with the integrated development of urbanization and industrialization and the coordination and unity of economic, social and ecological benefits. The park is planned to be constructed in three phases within 10 years (2011-2020). After completion, the annual output value of the park will reach more than 65billion yuan, including 50billion yuan of large-scale industrial output value and 6.5 billion yuan of annual profits and taxes; The scale of spindles reached 1.5 million spindles, and more than 70000 employees were arranged

the park will form "four bases and two centers", that is, relying on the traditional advantages of the cotton textile industry, to build an important high-quality cotton textile base in the West; Relying on the demand and labor resource advantages of energy, chemical industry, equipment and other industries in the western region, we will build a functional and brand clothing and home textile processing base and a textile manufacturing base for characteristic industries; Relying on the region's rich textile technology and educational resources, build an important textile technology innovation and talent training base in the West; Relying on the advantages of cotton resource logistics and trade, build a western cotton storage and distribution center; Relying on the location and economic advantages of guantian economic zone and the integration of Xi'an and Xianyang, we will focus on the regional market and build a regional textile and clothing trade logistics center. At the same time, actively undertake the transfer of the eastern LCD experimental power and peak experimental power textile industry, accelerate the development in the post-processing, R & D and design, brand marketing, trade circulation and other aspects of the textile and garment industry, constantly expand and improve the fields and levels of cooperation, realize the diversification of investment subjects, change the enterprise management mechanism, and form an emergency switch to check whether it is pressed from spinning and weaving, printing and dyeing The complete industrial chain from garment design and processing to sales will drive Xianyang's existing textile enterprises to become bigger and stronger, forming industrial clusters

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